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Tolkien in the Ukraine

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Can you identify the source of this extract? Place and people names have been removed to make it marginally harder.

At times great wars would fill these territories, and then the sea of grass seemed to become a real ocean in which tides of crimson _____ caps flowed between horizons. The gray _____ spread there in crescent waves, and the winged regiments of _____ horsemen rode in their leopard and wolf-skin cloaks draped over glittering armor, and then a forest of spears and lances with horsetail standards and a blazing rainbow of many-colored banners rose over the _____. At night, the neighing of warriors’ horses and the howl of wolves echoed in dim prophecy through this wilderness, and the booming of kettledrums and the blare of copper horns and bugles flowed all the way to the misty Lakes of _____ and to the shores of the _____seas…. Continue reading